Canned Good Drive

Mansfield High and Summit High Schools in Mansfield have a can drive every year for Homecoming game. They see who can raise the most food for local families. Mansfield High gives theirs to us. They doubled this year from last year. Filled truck up. Thanks to all who gave.

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First week of September

What a busy week, More work was done on Community Garden the prepared the drive and parking area. Two load of top soil and two loads of mulch. Picked up two loads from Costco north Fort Worth, a¬†load of sandwiches from QT, 7 pallets of Jose’s Taquiot’s plus our monthly load of assorted foods from […]

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Pizza Pizza

Monday and Friday Pizza Hut and Pappa Johns donate left over pizza’s some are mistakes, others people don’t pick up. They freeze them for us we give them out on our Tuesday and Thursday distribution. We could use help picking these up. If you have a couple hours a week. We could use the help.

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Servants Servant

Mansfield Magazine did an Article about my work here at Harvesting International Ministry Center in November 2013 below is a link if you want know more     height=”100%” id=”I22″ name=”I22″ marginheight=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ scrolling=”yes” style=”overflow: scroll” >Your browser does not support iframes.  

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